Charities team 2C

If you are a charity, almhouse, voluntary organisation, social enterprise, club or association, we have the specific expertise to advise you.

Running a business isn’t simple – there are plenty of hoops to jump through. We can keep you on track with them all thanks to our expert team of lawyers.

Dispute Team 2C

If your business is involved in a dispute, you’ll want it solved fairly and quickly. We’ll explore all the alternatives to find solutions that fit for you.

Catharine Geddes

A positive & productive workplace is what every business wants. If you need advice, we’ve got it covered, from contracts to whistle blowing and everything in between.

If your business is private or public sector healthcare we have experienced legal specialists. We can offer you the right advice and support to keep you working at the highest level.

Insolvency and Business Recoveries Solicitors

If you need to recover an investment or your business has financial problems, we’ll help you to to deal with things quickly & discreetly.

Banking and finance solicitors

Our specialist team provides comprehensive litigation and conflict resolution support for your business across all aspects of banking and finance.

Mediation team 2C

Not all disputes have to be resolved in a court of law. We aim to find alternatives for your business, and our trained mediators can help settle things on a one-to-one basis.


The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) launched new Transparency Rules in December 2018. The aim of the rules is to ensure consumers and businesses have the relevant information they need to make an informed choice when purchasing certain types of legal services

Real Estate Solicitors in Bournemouth Southampton London

For all your commercial real estate, landlord or development needs, your business can rely on our team to give you relevant and expert real estate advice.

Regulation and Business Crime 2C

As a corporation we understand that you need to be aware of how to protect your business, employees and clients.

Shipping Yachts Team 2C

From shipping, logistics and offshore supply vessels to regulatory offences, contract advice and insurance, LA Marine are experts in this unique field of law.

We can help protect your business should your solicitors face an intervention. We can handle everything from paperwork to money, keeping your business secure.