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Banking Litigation

Banking Litigation

Our banking and insolvency specialists can handle any dispute efficiently and effectively. We work hard with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome with the least need for formal proceedings. Every day our professional team helps businesses and individuals resolve legal issues using a range of methods including mediation and conflict resolution.

However, whilst our focus is on arriving at a solution that works for your finances, we have the technical knowledge and experience to fight your corner should you need to go to court. We will provide you with expert advice and support throughout the process, cutting through the jargon, so that you know exactly how things are proceeding and what will happen next.

We have a range of experience and expertise in banking and insolvency, including:

  • Personal and commercial banking issues
  • Enforcing payments and charges, including personal and corporate guarantees
  • Security realisation and plans for debt management
  • Recovery of unsecured facilities, shortfalls and assets
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Fraud investigations, including actions to set aside transactions and against directors
  • Receiverships and administrations

We know money matters, which is why our fees are flexible and our team keep a tight control on costs. We provide clear advice on guidance on all areas of banking and finance, no matter how complex or specific the needs of the client. Whether you are worth millions or hundreds, contact us for a service that is tailored, timely and totally focussed on you.

Latest News & Blogs

Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims

The latest update on the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims By Partner, Ann Lloyd.


The method in which the UK shall implement its ‘Brexit strategy’ has been regarded as a major factor in determining the future viability of many UK businesses.

PAP update

The draft Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims (PAP) was put out for consultation over two years ago and it would be safe to say that it caused significant concern in the credit industry. On Friday, the CPRC met and delivered these following findings.


This weekend saw the failure of the Preston based energy provider GB Energy Supply, affecting its 160,000 customers. The main reason cited for its failure is significant increases in wholesale energy prices.

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