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Licensing is a subject which many businesses and individuals find difficult to understand, both in terms of the actual process of applying for a licence and what activities are covered under licensing law.

It’s easy to fall foul of licensing regulations and as a failure to have the correct licence can be a criminal offence, the consequences of doing so can be quite serious for your business.

We can advise on the various licensing requirements that apply to your business, help with the completion of the necessary application forms and represent you at any hearing that may be required. We can also assist you when your licence is at risk, either as a result of an application for review, or a referral to the local licensing committee for other reasons.

Our team has experience across the entire spectrum of local authority licensing, including:

  • Personal Licences
  • Premises Licences – from pubs and corner shops to major supermarket developments
  • TENs
  • Hackney Carriage / Private Hire – drivers and operators
  • SEVs
  • Animal establishments – boarding kennels, day care, riding schools, etc.
  • Dangerous animals
  • Street Trading

We pride ourselves on giving straightforward and sound advice. Members of our team have acted on behalf of businesses, individuals and local licensing authorities, so we have a good insight into what information you will need to provide in support of any application, and the considerations the licensing committee will take into account when deciding any application or referral made to it.

So, if you need licensing advice from a team of lawyers who understand the process from start to finish, give us a call today on 0344 967 0793.

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