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All your employees are entitled to holiday, and rightly so, life today is hectic and we all need some down time. But you’re also entitled to make sure that holiday policies and procedures are stuck to, so that your business runs efficiently and cost-effectively. We can advise you on a number issues surrounding the ins and outs of holiday entitlement including:

  • Generally, employees entitled to 28 days (20 days plus statutory holidays)
  • Part-time employees receive pro-rated entitlement

Plus, we can give you help on the more complicated issues surrounding holidays, including problems that can arise when employees are on long term sickness absence or what happens when commission and overtime come into play. There’s nothing that we can’t guide you through, and our team are happy to listen to any of your concerns.

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Following the Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2017, we set out the changes to Tribunal awards and other statutory payments.

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Kenbata v Westminster City Council is an example of how behaviour that may seem completely normal, can potentially form the basis for a long and expensive battle before the Employment Tribunal.

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