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Insurance and Claims

Whether you’re the assured or the insurer and whether the loss is insured or not, we can give you sound advice relating to all marine disputes and claims. Marine insurance comes with its own unique problems, and we know that dealing with claims and disputes in this area can be a challenging and frustrating process. We can help with a wide range of issues including:

  • Insurance coverage and policy advice – advice on the wording of insurance policies and coverage issues
  • Disputes – advice in relation to disputes (including cross border) arising under insurance policies, including managing claims in other jurisdictions
  • Defended claims – advice in relation to defending claims being pursued against an insured party in respect of a liability which is covered by insurance policy
  • Subrogated recoveries – advice in relation to pursuing claims against third parties on behalf of insurers to recover losses and expenses suffered as a result of the third party’s negligence
  • Uninsured loss recovery – advice with pursuing claims against third parties responsible for uninsured losses, including any policy excess
  • Referrals to the Ombudsman
  • Hull and machinery damage claims – advice in relation to pursuing claims against third parties responsible for damage to the vessel
  • Breach of contract claims – advice in pursuing claims for losses suffered as a result of a breach of contract, including charter agreements, sale or purchase agreements, repair or refit contracts.
  • Negligence claims – assistance in relation to pursuing claims for losses suffered as a result of negligence, including claims against surveyors or designers, or against third parties in respect of collision damage (see Marine Casualties)

Because incidents frequently take place in international waters or with vessels with foreign flags we have considerable expertise in working across jurisdictions together with our tried and tested network of foreign correspondent lawyers and other experts. It also gives us the ability to give you an early assessment of risks you might face, seek to minimize those risks and find the most commercial outcome for you.

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Permission has been given by the Supreme Court to appeal the Court of Appeal decision in Volcafe v CSAV [2017].

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