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Resealing Foreign Grants of Probate

Resealing Foreign Grants of Probate

If a UK resident acquires assets whilst abroad it most often requires a lengthy legal process until things can be resolved during probate. Resealing is a fast, efficient way to ensure that your assets are recognised within the UK without the need for drawn out procedures.

Our legal team can not only advise which foreign probate documents can be resealed in England, but also if there are arrangements with other countries to allow an English probate document to be resealed abroad.

We have a wealth of experience in resealing probate documents across the globe including in South Africa, Zambia, the Cayman Islands, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Each day we receive new enquiries about how to manage global probate issues and are happy to use our expertise to help you find the best way to a swift resolution, whatever your situation.

To help explain the resealing process – including when and where it can take place – we have put together a handy guide that explains the key facts, which you can download below. Alternatively, please contact us to have a conversation about your specific circumstances.

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Resealing Foreign Grants of Probate

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