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At Lester Aldridge, we are proud of the fact that we have many employees and partners who have been with the firm for a significant amount of time, many over 20 years, with the longest being with us for an incredible 42 years!

We will be running a series of interviews to celebrate our colleagues’ service by highlighting their successes with the firm and sharing their experiences of how Lester Aldridge has changed over the years.

This month, we shine the spotlight on Tracy Trowbridge, Accounts Manager, who celebrates her 33rd year with the firm in July!

When did you join the firm and in what role?

I started work here basically from birth in July 1988 just before the firm merger and was working for Mooring Aldridge as an office junior.

How have things changed at Lester Aldridge over the years?

When I first started I worked in a basement below street level with what I like to call a dungeon storing all the archived files! I am glad to say the working conditions have massively improved since then. We were spread over three offices in Bournemouth too so it was great to move to one office in 1990.

How has technology changed over the years and how has this impacted your role?

We had no email, bank system or internet so everything was manually done creating a lot of paper and room for error. Now everything is computerised it all runs much smoother with less paper and more robust systems (even if I was probably much fitter then from all the running around with pieces of paper and memos!).

What is the proudest moment from your career at Lester Aldridge?

Probably seeing our financial efficiencies reap rewards over the past year, all being due to our better systems and hardworking team.

What made you stay with Lester Aldridge for more than 30 years?

The people I work with and the fact that for some strange reason I really enjoy accounts and problem-solving.

What does the future hold? How different do you think things will be in 30 years’ time?

I think technology will keep advancing and making things more streamlined and hopefully, I will have retired!!

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