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CQC stated earlier this month that its primary objective is to support providers to keep people safe. We recently wrote about how CQC has postponed all routine inspections. As the spread of the virus continues and the pressure on the health and social care system builds, CQC has gone a step further to help providers.

In order to prevent registration becoming a barrier to providers responding to the crisis, a specific COVID-19 registration framework for providers has been prepared. This framework covers both new registrations and changes to services that can be made by submitting a notification online.

COVID-19 registration is any ‘application’ from a health or social care provider where they:

  • Intend to deliver services which provide additional health and social care capacity in an area; or
  • Contribute to the control of the outbreak of COVID-19 or the treatment of people who have contracted the illness.

CQC will prioritise all COVID-19 related applications.

Depending on the change you want to make, you may need to apply to CQC for a change to your registration to a new registration or you may just need to update your Statement of Purpose and notify CQC. You should ensure that you follow the correct process for the change you want to make. If in doubt, you should seek advice to ensure you follow the correct process.

Registration applications should be sent to and you should include ‘COVID-19’ in the subject of the email so it can be identified as high priority. If the changes you are making do not require a registration, you should notify CQC about changes to your Statement of Purpose.

When assesses applications, CQC will consider a number of factors, including:

  • Focus on management and response to COVID-19 against safe (including safeguarding) and well-led.
  • CQC may treat the changes as conditions to your registration for the duration of these interim arrangements
  • You may be able to make the changes to your service at the same time

All other registration applications, which do not relate to the COVID-19 response, will dealt with in the usual way.

Our team of specialist health and social care solicitors are on hand to help you. If you are require any advice or assistance in relation to any of the topics covered in this alert, or any other matters, please contact us on or 01202 786187.