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It’s approaching that time of year again, where as many employment law changes as possible happen, and aside from the national minimum wage rates increasing on 1 April 2017, it’s also time for the Tribunal awards and other statutory payments to be updated.

Following the Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2017, we set out below the changes to certain Tribunal awards and other statutory payments, which are due to come into force on 6 April 2017.

Included in the change are increases to the statutory cap on a week’s pay and basic and compensatory awards at the Tribunal.

Current figureFrom 6 April 2017
Maximum limit on a week’s pay£479£489
Minimum basic award for certain automatically unfair dismissals(dismissal for reason of trade union membership or activities, health and safety duties, pension scheme trustee duties or acting as employee representative)£5,853£5,970
Maximum statutory redundancy / unfair dismissal basic award£14,370£14,670
Maximum unfair dismissal compensatory awardLower of £78,962 or 52 weeks’ gross payLower of £80,541 or 52 weeks’ gross pay
Maximum for refusal of right to be accompanied£958£978
Failure to provide statement of particulars of employment£958-£1,916£978-£1,956
Maximum for breach of Flexible Working Regulations£3,832£3,912

The new rates will only apply where the dismissal, detriment or act complained of falls on or after 6 April 2017. The previous rate will still apply for all cases where the act is before 6 April 2017.

For advice and assistance with any payments due, or help with an Employment Tribunal claim, please contact Catharine Geddes or another member of LA’s Employment & HR Team.