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A review into marriage ceremonies in England & Wales could mean that couples no longer have to compromise on their dream wedding venue.

The law in England & Wales currently places heavy restrictions on how and where couples can choose to get married, with some rules dating back to the 19th century.

Many couples dream of getting married on the beach with their toes in the sand. Sadly, this is not currently possible in England & Wales. Civil ceremonies must take place at a registry office or in an approved licensed premise, so whilst you can get married by the sea, you can only do so if you take your vows in a licensed venue on the beach with a solid roof. Similarly, you currently cannot get married in your own family home, garden or on moving transport.

The Government has recently announced that it will be undertaking a two-year review of marriage ceremonies with the aim to scrap outdated rules around wedding venues.

The review seeks to modernise the archaic restrictions currently governing marriage ceremonies and allow couples to marry in more unique, rural and personal places. In the future couples may be able to get married at sea, in their private home or on military sites (for service personnel).

If the restrictions on marriage ceremonies are lifted couples will have a huge increase in the choice in venues available to them. It is likely that the cost of wedding venues will decrease; levelling the socio-economic playing field and ensuring that all couples can conduct their ceremony in their dream venue.