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Bournemouth’s Real Estate Development team enjoyed a successful day of gardening and conservation within the scenic grounds of Upton Country Park near Poole on Friday 28th July, for their annual Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) day of volunteering within their local community.

The day focused on the park’s ongoing project of restoring the historic regency garden, where the team assisted with removing invasive trees and shrubs, providing space for the native species to flourish. Team members also got stuck into clearing the ground of brambles, nettles and weeds to promote new wildflower growth.

At the conservation site, the team were tasked with cutting back excess vegetation in overgrown areas, allowing native hedgerows space to re-generate, and creating natural habitats and wildlife corridors for native species to thrive in.

The day continued the firm’s commitment to the environment as part of the Legal Sustainability Alliance while giving back to the local area.