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At the start of the pandemic, a number of health and social care regulators issued a joint statement to support registrants dealing with the challenges posed by the outbreak.

This week, the regulators have issued an updated joint statement, recognising that the unprecedented challenges in the health and social care sector are continuing.

All health and social care professionals continue to place themselves and their loved ones at risk and there have been reports of frontline staff suffering emotionally and physically. These pressures are likely to place a significant toll on individuals. It is reassuring that the regulators have recognised the importance of demonstrating their continued support to registrants during this extremely difficult time, particularly as professionals may be required to make impossible decisions during the third wave which has been reported to be more challenging than previous waves.

The joint statement repeats the key principles, reassuring professionals that the regulators will continue to rely on those principles first issued in March 2020. The joint statement can be found on each of the regulators’ websites. The health and care regulators that have agreed to this statement are:

We appreciate that health and social care professionals are under significant pressure. It is important that the regulators have re-issued the joint statement, demonstrating their recognition of the significant pressures. However, action will be taken against professionals if concerns are raised about their practice. Our experienced health and social care lawyers can provide you with advice and assistance in relation to disciplinary matters, fitness to practise investigations, criminal investigations and much more. If you have any concerns or queries, contact our healthcare team on 01202 786135 or