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On 7th June, we introduced a new programme to help us with our health and well-being here at LA.

Each month we will use the Hub to offer a monthly variety of healthy menus, articles and a poster. We will also be running webinars on various subjects throughout the year.

To kick-start things, there will be various things starting today. Each office will have fruit available for you to help yourself. Look around for the health and wellbeing posters. Later this morning, you will learn about our latest distance challenge for the week on a team and individual basis. We are encouraging walking meetings where possible over the summer months so if you don’t need to be in a meeting room, why not take your meeting outside and get some fresh air and sunshine at the same time?

You will see on the posters some of the benefits of something as simple as walking, and to add a little variety, please feel free to take a picture on your lunchtime walk if you are able, and we can post them on the hub.