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Popular statistics state that cancer will affect 1 in 2 people in the UK, and their families and friends will also be affected. It is a disease that provokes fear, but charities like Wessex Cancer Trust work hard to help patients and their families come to terms with the diagnosis and provide vital support and services.

We all remain hopeful of medical breakthroughs through funded research, but until then, supporting patients and families is vital. This is why our Personal Injury & Medical Negligence team want to help and support where we can.

Melanie Lidstone-Land, Senior Associate in the team, says, “I lost my mum to breast cancer when she was just 53 years of age. I was pregnant with my first child at the time, and, very sadly, she never met either of her grandchildren. Back then (22 years ago), support for patients and families did not feel as accessible as it is now. I wish that had been more available for Mum and I at the time. It is important to the whole team here at Lester Aldridge that we support where we can.”

The Clinical Negligence team at Lester Aldridge is expert in winning cases for late diagnosis of cancer where the delay has caused significant damage. This means that we have lots of contact with patients and families affected by this illness and that, where possible, we are happy to engage in fundraising for local charities.

So, when the opportunity arose to bake Cakes4Cancer, the team rose to the challenge and brought their sweet tooth and generous spirit at a bake sale this week to support Wessex Cancer Trust. All proceeds from the event go towards helping those affected by cancer. The JustGiving page for the bake sale can be found here.

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Do you have concerns about a delay in a cancer diagnosis? Our blog, When is a Delay in Cancer Diagnosis Negligent?, explains the considerations behind whether a clinical negligence claim is actionable.