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Medical Negligence

The Clinical Negligence team at Lester Aldridge have secured a sizeable 8-figure settlement for a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to the negligent management of hypoglycaemia in the period shortly after birth.

Early on in the case, the hospital trust conceded liability for the hypoglycemic injury but reserved its position regarding the level of disability that the claimant may have had in any event as a result of underlying medical conditions. Judgment was entered on a 100% liability recovery basis, with the value of the claim to be assessed by the court if it could not be agreed.

Lester Aldridge took a robust approach to the hospital trust’s position on the injuries that may or may not have been caused by the negligence and subsequent birth injury. A team of nationally recognised and respected medical experts was put together who argued that there would have been very little, if any, underlying injury but for the negligence.

John de Bono KC, a leading birth injury specialist, was instructed throughout and led negotiations at a settlement meeting earlier this year where an award of damages was agreed. The High Court has now approved that award as one which will allow the claimant to lead a happy and secure life, enabling the claimant to build on the solid foundation that the parents and wider family have already provided and will continue to do.

Photo left to right: Liz Oaten, Helen Clement, Melanie Lidstone-Land & David Healy of Lester Aldridge’s Personal Injury & Medical Negligence team.