Ahead of Action for Brain Injury (ABI) Week, Headway – the brain injury association will promote its “Hats for Headway” day to highlight the charity and its work supporting people who have suffered brain injuries.

Lester Aldridge couldn’t resist getting involved with this “hat-tastic” initiative, with our Personal Injury team donning hats of all descriptions and even getting their furry friends involved:

Action for Brain Injury Week will take place from 20 May 2024. This year’s theme is “A life rewritten” and will focus on how a brain injury can affect anyone at any time.

A life rewritten will highlight the effect of a brain injury on a person’s life as a whole, their life plans, goals and aspirations.  Stories will be shared about how families have been affected and how people with brain injuries have rewritten their own stories, recovering from injury and approaching life differently but still living life to the full.

Tom Hartigan, Senior Associate in the personal injury team at Lester Aldridge and Trustee of Headway, says, “As a trustee of a Headway group for over 15 years, I have seen the devastating impact that acquired brain injury has, not just upon the injured person, but their family and friends as well.  Headway UK does great work up and down the country to provide much-needed support and services for all those touched by brain injury.”

At Lester Aldridge, we have specialist lawyers who regularly act for clients who have suffered a brain injury either as a result of an accident which could have been avoided or as a result of medical negligence.  We understand the need for effective rehabilitation and seek early interim payments to allow necessary treatment and support to be put in place. We have a network of nationally recognised medical experts, case managers and barristers to bring together the best legal team and achieve the best results for our clients.


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