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Lester Aldridge has sponsored a pirate-themed Wetwheels event for the Dorset Children’s Foundation, and members of the Clinical Negligence team headed down to Poole Quay to take an active part in the event.

Dorset Children’s Foundation is an independent local charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities living within our community.

Wetwheels (Hamble) was launched in 2016 and became the third regional operator for the national disability power boating charity, Wetwheels Foundation.

Liz Oaten, Melanie Lidstone-Land and Karen Watts were all able to experience the thrill of the “high seas” with profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD) children and their families. The hour-long boat trips were pirate-themed, leaving Poole Quay and allowing initially for a leisurely sail out to open water where the skipper was able to offer higher speeds for the thrill seekers amongst the passengers. It was especially exciting when children were given the opportunity to skipper the boat and test how fast it could go.

It was brilliant to see the children and their families enjoying time out on the boat.

Liz Oaten, Partner, says: “it was an excellent day and although the weather was not always kind, the excitement on the faces of so many disembarking was a joy to behold. It was especially rewarding to see so many children given the opportunity to pilot the boat and the special adaptations enabling access to all parts of the boat were extremely impressive.”