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Medical Negligence

Lester Aldridge has successfully concluded a complicated clinical negligence case, securing a six-figure settlement for our client.

Our client underwent gastric bypass surgery.  The operation was paid for privately and performed by a surgeon working both for the NHS and in the private sector. Unfortunately, the Consultant performed the surgery negligently by misconfiguring the bypass; he attached the wrong part of the digestive tubes to the gastric pouch. This had very significant consequences for our client who lost almost 60% of her starting weight within a year of surgery due to malnutrition. Severe reflux and chronic vomiting led to loss of muscle mass and weakness, which continued for over a year. A further operation was required to repair the mistake, and our client remains at risk of future health problems.

A robust approach was taken with the Defendant to secure an admission of liability, and quantification of the value of the case proceeded.  Following disappointing and low offers from the Defendant, we were able to argue for and achieve a significantly higher settlement for the Client.

Melanie Lidstone-Land, Senior Associate (pictured), who acted for our client, says: “It is not just the NHS that makes medical mistakes. Clinical negligence can also happen in the private sector. In this case, it was clear that the defendant had not taken account of the basic anatomy and had actually misconfigured the bypass, causing my client a significant amount of pain, discomfort and disruption to her day-to-day living.”