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The land and buildings you own are likely to be among your most important assets. Equally, the decision to lease or invest in land or buildings will be a significant one. The importance of land to a charity is something that is recognised in the Charities Act 2011, which sets down specific requirements in relation to selling or mortgaging land owned by a charity. ‘Doing the right thing’ in relation to your property is therefore essential on many levels.

Our charity law team can help you in all areas of property ownership, including:

  • Land holding and use: is your land ‘designated land’ that must be used for specific purposes? Must the land or the proceeds of sale be held as an investment or can they be spent on your charity’s purposes?
  • The sale and acquisition of land and buildings
  • The development of land for charitable purposes
  • Leases of land

The team includes specialist property lawyers who will work closely with you on any land transaction to make sure it is compliant with charity law and takes account of all the issues relevant to your charity.

Just two of many examples of our work in property law in relation to charities are:

  • An agreement for lease of a care home from one charity to another with obligations about planning and redevelopment
  • The development of supported living units within the grounds of a charitable care home


Many charities will wish to protect their reputation and ensure that the people who support the charity do nothing to adversely affect their brand.

brexit charity

Access to the single market may not have direct relevance to charities but that does not mean that they are immune from the effects of Brexit. Hard evidence is lacking – as it was in much of the referendum debate – but some themes are emerging:

Charities & Social Enterprise Team

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