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Dispute Resolution International 3C


International trade is now a much more common part of business and such a crucial part of British industry. It’s an area where we need to be sure that we’re on top of even more law, to make sure that we’re doing the best for your business. As part of a network of lawyers across the world, our services aren’t limited by UK borders, so we can address problems worldwide and gain essential knowledge from our international colleagues.

If you have a dispute, either domestic or abroad, we can offer you the help and advice you need now, whether it’s criminal or civil proceedings. We’re already doing it for other clients having recently dealt with a dispute involving faulty engines supplied by a company in Germany and a claim involving unpaid debts for services provided in Gibraltar. This experience along with our commitment to keeping up to date means we can give you the service you need.

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Lester Aldridge is pleased to announce the qualification of three trainee solicitors into teams across the South Coast law firm.

Trainees solicitors sept 2018

Lester Aldridge is pleased to welcome eight new trainee solicitors who have started their training contracts at the law firm this week.

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