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Coroner's Inquests 3Ca

Coroner’s Inquests

If your care service is unfortunately involved in a death that will be referred to a coroner, we can provide you with an experienced healthcare legal team that understands the procedures, appreciates the sensitivity of the situation and recognises how to protect your service from potential criticism.

Coroners are required to complete their inquests within six months unless there is good reason for not doing so, therefore it’s important to respond to their requests for information quickly. We can help you with the process of gathering statements from relevant witnesses and preparing of bundles of appropriate evidence efficiently, so you can deliver what’s needed to help the coroner carry out their investigation.

As well as helping you with the practicalities, we can also help you manage any fallout from the inquest. Coronial investigations can lead to criticism of a care service and we can make sure you are properly protected from this.

Our services in relation to coroner’s inquests include:

  • Advice to interested parties or witnesses about procedure in this changing area of law
  • Reviewing any insurance cover
  • Preparation for inquests, to include, if appropriate, instructing experts and engaging with the coroner
  • Representation during the inquiry itself
  • Making representations to authorities who may prosecute for criminal breaches, and handling any criminal proceedings which may result
  • Dealing with claims for compensation flowing from fatal accidents or other injury, and providing legal representation in court

We have represented care providers in all parts of England and Wales in inquests in relation to fatalities at care homes. Our experience means we understand how the Human Rights Act can apply to care home deaths, not least deprivation of liberty and how the issues relating to that may affect the way in which coroners direct their enquiries.

We have also represented interested parties in construction deaths, aeroplane crashes, gas explosions and other similar catastrophic events.

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