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Debt recovery healthcare solicitors

Debt Recovery

The need for debt recovery can be an unfortunate fact of life. We understand that, as a healthcare provider, you are often in a sensitive situation.

As legal healthcare experts, the delicacy of your position is something we understand very well. The key to our service is in taking time to understand your business and its processes. Doing this means we manage your debt collections in a way that’s right for your business. We provide an end-to-end service from pre-legal collections to complex litigation, so you can have a single port of call for your debt recovery processes.

We appreciate that arguments over care fees are often not as straight forward as regular debt recovery actions. There may be confusion over who is liable for the debt or arguments about the cost of the placement or the service users assessed needs. Complex cases such as this will usually be dealt with by our Care Team or Dispute Resolution team who have the expertise to guide you through these issues and your options.

For more straight forward debt recovery actions, our specialist Fast Track debt recovery team can provide a cost effective debt recovery solution which enables you to remain fully in control. We also use the latest technology – you will have 24 hour access to our extranet system so you can check the progress of your cases and send us instructions electronically. It’s a system designed to be efficient, responsive and, importantly, cost-effective.

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