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Employment Problems 3C

Employment Problems

People are our most valuable asset. It’s a phrase you’ve no doubt heard and have probably even said. As a healthcare provider you rely on your staff to deliver good quality care so staying up-to-date with employment law and the way you have to treat your staff is vital for your business.

But apart from protecting your most valuable asset, there are other reasons to look after your staff. Regulatory care issues and findings of poor or non-compliant care often have their roots in discontented staff or staffing issues that have not been managed properly, making it even more important to stay ahead of any changes.

Our employment lawyers are experienced in the distinctive requirements of your sector. They provide pragmatic legal advice focused on making sure your policies and procedures comply with the regulations and protecting your service from other problems further down the line.

Our team deals with all areas of employment law including:

  • Creating employment contracts
  • Advising on staff absences and allowable time off
  • Disciplinary processes and essential dismissals

We can also use our experience to advise you on organisational restructures and achieving the most from your work force.

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