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Buying or Selling a House

Property Matters

As a health or social care business, your property may be the single biggest asset under your control. It’s therefore vital to make sure everything is in order, you’re complying with all the regulations and you’re maximising its value.

Our healthcare team specialises in providing practical, experienced advice to care providers on all property and planning law related matters.

Buying, selling or developing a care home or assisted living facility

There is a wealth of potential pitfalls with buying or selling a care home or supported living facility. Specialist legal advice can help you find and solve the problems and protect your business.

If you’re buying a facility we can help you identify any regulatory issues that might affect the value of the business. If you’re selling we can identify the issues that might be of concern to purchasers and help you manage them or explain them in a way that will offer reassurance.

Property services for the NHS

NHS Estates and Facilities teams are facing unprecedented cost-cutting challenges. We can help you understand the issues then devise imaginative solutions that will save money, get the most from your estate and deliver more for less.

We have advised NHS organisations in areas such as their estates strategy, acquisition and disposal of facilities, rationalisation programmes, planning applications, reorganisation issues, regeneration and healthcare joint venture and PFI projects.

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