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Day-to-day employment issues 3C

Policies and procedures

HR and employment issues cover a wide range of diverse topics. As a 21st Century employer you need to know so much more about the rights of employees and how you and they use the workplace – from the perils of social media to how to keep your business running efficiently. We can talk you through policies including adverse weather conditions and whistle blowing, discuss whether procedures may or may not be contractual and help you put together documents for your staff.

At Lester Aldridge we can guide you through a whole host of policies and procedures thanks to our experience in the field. We want to make sure that you’re fully aware of how you and the people who work for you should be behaving, and make sure that this is clear to everyone.

We understand that procedures change regularly so to make this more cost effective for you we’ve put in place fixed/capped fees for reviewing handbooks and policies/procedures, so that you can keep up to date, without breaking the bank.

Our Employment specialist

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