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Shipping law disputes 3C

Shipping law disputes

The laws of shipping date back hundreds of years and are often quite complex. As a result shipping law disputes can often arise. Our team of marine experts advise owners, charterers, managers and operators on disputes which arise under all forms of charterparties (time, voyage or COAs), providing expert advice on your rights and responsibilities.

Alongside this, we also provide a comprehensive business service to those dealing with bills of lading, whether they’re liner operators, receivers or shippers. These disputes can often involve multi-jurisdictional disputes and expert advice, from shipping lawyers recognised as shipping experts in jurisdictions around the world, is needed. We’re members of the network, a group of international shipping lawyers who are able to provide such a service. Membership of this network of experts enables us to advise on issues such as arrest, liens on cargo and bunkers, local court proceedings and enforcement options in many jurisdictions. Our team regularly hold presentations on charterparty and bills of lading claims to raise awareness of such legalities.

We specialise in the following areas:

Charterparty Claims:

  • Delivery and withdrawal claims
  • Recovery of hire and off hire claims
  • Exercising liens
  • Bunker off-specification claims
  • Crane breakdown claims
  • Collision claims
  • Pilotage claims
  • Cargo damage claims
  • Cargo contamination claims
  • Laytime, demurrage and detention disputes
  • Ice claims
  • Recovery actions in arbitration and High Court

Bills of Lading claims:

  • Issues over liens
  • Issues over ownership and possession of cargo
  • Cargo claims with particular emphasis on the Hague/Hague Visby and Hamburg Rules regimes
  • Contractual and tortious rights of cargo receivers under bills of lading
  • Time bar issues
  • Multi-jurisdictional recovery issues including title to sue / time bars

In addition, the LA Marine Shipping and Logistics team regularly host and make presentations on shipping and logistics issues. View our Events page to book your place on our next event.

The team is a supporting member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and their articles appear in BIFALINK.

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