What to expect at your interview

What to expect at interview - Lester Aldridge

We understand that interviews can be stressful but they’re a great way of us getting to know you and vice versa. It’s not an interrogation, just a chance to talk through your CV and find out about your experience and knowledge.

It’s important to us that all our interviews are fair and that everyone who applies for a position is given the same treatment.

So what happens?

There are certain steps that most interviews will follow:

  • Human Resources use a series of questions and scenarios that give you the chance to demonstrate your skills and experience. Depending on the role you may also take a short typing test. This is all designed so that we can compare candidates on a like-for-like basis
  • Depending on the role and your success at the first interview you may or may not be invited back for a second.

We’ll always try and let you know one way or another if you’ve been offered the position or not. So often we have lots of great candidates, but only one vacancy, this is why we like to keep your details on file for a while after the interview if we can. We like to keep the door open to talent at all times.