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If you find yourself under investigation for a criminal offence, whether it relates to your work or your personal life, the consequences can sometimes be life-changing. The outcome of a court case can have a marked effect on your liberty, career, general reputation, social and even family life. Those convicted of an offence can even tend to look upon themselves in a different light.

We know that it is essential that, if you are charged with a criminal offence, you need the very best of representation from criminal defence solicitors, and to know that all preparatory work is being expertly undertaken, so as to maximise the prospect of the best eventual outcome.

At Lester Aldridge, we pride ourselves not only in providing quality advice and representation but also in being communicative. You can then be confident about the preparation being done for your case and can be rest assured that work is carried out to secure the best result. Only that way can the inevitable stresses of litigation be kept to a minimum.

How can we help?

LA’s service starts with representation at the police station and during criminal investigations, and extends through the life of a prosecution through to sentencing and any appeals. We advise on a full range of cases, including:

  • Dishonesty offences, for example burglary and theft.
  • Money crime, for example bribery and corruption, fraud and money laundering. We also advise on related proceeds of crime issues, such as restraint, confiscation and civil recovery, and on financial reporting or serious crime prevention orders or debarment.
  • Violent crime, for example common assault, grievous or actual bodily harm (sometimes called GBH or ABH), criminal damage or robbery.
  • Public order offences, including allegations of anti-social or threatening behaviour, possession of a knife or offensive weapon, and racially or religiously aggravated offences.
  • Manslaughter or health and safety offences.
  • Neglect or ill-treatment cases, including by care workers or care providers, which may involve allegations of involuntary gross negligence manslaughter or corporate manslaughter.
  • Other sorts of domestic case (for example, harassment).
  • Dangerous dogs or animal welfare cases.
  • Regulatory offences, such as safety or trading standards cases.

Why choose us?

Our team includes criminal solicitors and a barrister with many years of experience in criminal litigation. That means that we are able to provide you with representation at every stage of criminal proceedings and in every court in the land. However, we also enjoy excellent working relationships with a number of leading barristers’ chambers and are able to enlist the help of exceptional counsel of all different levels of experience to include the most heavyweight of Queen’s Counsel.

We never lose sight of the fact that our clients demand value for their money. We therefore offer a flexible range of pricing options which we will discuss with you depending on the circumstances of your case, and are determined when negotiating the level of counsel’s fees.

We avoid a ‘we will speak to you at court’ approach, understand the important of a face-to-face meeting with you (this doesn’t apply to straightforward road traffic matters). We also pledge (if you so wish) to communicate with you by your chosen means at least once every week so we can update you on developments. At Lester Aldridge, we never treat our clients as unwelcome strangers.

Fixed fee meetings

Being charged with any offence can be a scary, embarrassing or bewildering experience. Even the simplest matter can be the cause of many a sleepless night. Often, this may be because you are wholly unfamiliar with the court process. It may well be that much of these stresses can be reduced through the provision of early legal advice from a friendly face who can talk you though the process and help put together a plan of action.

LA’s team is happy to offer an initial fixed fee meeting; at which we can provide you with as much insight into the whole process as possible. We may not be able to provide you with definitive advice in the absence of all of the necessary paperwork that will be available at court at the time of your first hearing, but even a charge sheet in isolation is sufficient for us to begin discussion of the important features of your case. These meetings are offered at the fixed rate of £100 (plus VAT) for up to an hour.

How does it work / what is the process?

No two cases are the same, and the advice that we give you will inevitably be directed at your particular circumstances.

Our service starts with advice and representation during the investigation, including interviews under caution at the police station or in writing. We can talk you through steps which may be taken at an early stage which can protect your interests further down the line. Our team then assists you throughout the investigative process, including giving advice about what to expect and obtaining expert and other evidence where necessary.

Our team will help you to make sure that you obtain the correct disclosure of documents from the prosecuting authority so that your case can be properly prepared. That is particularly important when there is a lot of documentation, or in cases with multiple suspects or defendants.

At court hearings, you will be met and represented by a very experienced advocate; our own team includes criminal law solicitors and a barrister. We deal regularly with pre-trial hearings, trials and sentencing hearings, but have considerable experience in dealing with appeals too. Of course, we will also deal with any questions of bail.

Above all, we will advise you about the prospect of being convicted of the alleged offences, and keep that advice under review as the case progresses. That is especially important as evidence and other documents are disclosed, or as evidence is gathered on your behalf. We think that we therefore provide a holistic service which has, at its heart, getting the right results for our clients.

How long it takes

Timescales are dependent upon when the court lists the hearing(s) and any timetable which it may set down.


Qualified Court and Police Station Duty Solicitor.

Barrister included in the List of Specialist Regulatory Advocates (formerly known as the Attorney-General’s list).