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Disputed Wills, Trusts and Probate Funding Arrangements

We provide clear and transparent information about the costs involved in all types of will, trust and probate disputes. We will give you regular costs estimates and updates to help you budget for your legal fees from the start, to the conclusion of your matter.

Work is usually charged at an hourly rate. Details of our hourly charge out rates will be contained in your letter of engagement.  Additionally, we set out below some alternative funding options below that you may wish to consider.

Fixed fee

We offer fixed fee packages in respect of certain aspects of a claim, to provide you with the certainty of knowing exactly how much that work will cost.

For example:

  1. Should you wish to register a caveat, our offer of a fixed fee starts at £100 plus VAT and the court fee
  1. Initial investigations into the validity of a will. Our fixed fee packages start at £2,800 plus VAT and disbursements

Conditional fee agreement (CFA)

A solicitor receives either no payment or a lower payment if the case is unsuccessful, but a normal or increased fee if the claim is successful.

Damages based agreements (DBA)

A solicitor is paid by way of a percentage of the damages received if the case is successful.

We consider CFAs & DBAs on a case by case basis. If you would like us to consider entering into a CFA or DBA, please note that we will undertake initial investigations into your claim, for which you will be charged at the relevant hourly rate.  We will normally also require advice from a barrister as part of the process, the cost of which will be your responsibility.


You should check the terms of any insurance policies that you hold, for example, your household insurance, as the cover may include funding legal action. Such policies are known as “before the event” insurance.

You may also wish to consider taking out an “after the event” insurance policy, which usually provides cover for both your disbursements and your opponent’s costs in the event that your case is unsuccessful.

We can assist you in identifying insurance policies that may be available to you.

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