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Family friendly rights

Family friendly rights

Family Friendly Rights

Employers are required to offer a range of options to parents and families, designed to help people balance their work and personal life in a way that is flexible and fair. As a result, workplaces are adapting to become more family friendly. Employees now have rights to ask for adjustments to working hours and arrangements, both temporary and permanent, whether they already have children or are planning a new family.

Our friendly team of employment law specialists can advise you on all aspects of family-friendly employment rights, including:

  • Flexible working – changing work patterns such as working from home, term-time working, compressed hours and job sharing
  • Emergency leave – time off to deal with an urgent situation involving someone you care for, including children, grandchildren, partners and parents
  • Maternity and paternity leave – time off for men and women immediately before and after the birth of a child
  • Parental leave and shared parental leave – time off to deal with the welfare of a child, such as new childcare arrangements or looking at new schools
  • Various options for new parents or adopters for taking leave or flexi-time
  • Shared parental leave

If you would like advice on whether you are eligible for family friendly working or would like help asking your employer to make adjustments, contact us. We know it can be hard raising a family and want to help you achieve a work life balance that means the people you love come first.

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