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Adoption 3C


If you are creating a family through the process of adoption it can be challenging, which is why our specialist team is here to help you navigate the legal complexities.

We’re experienced in helping families adopt in both the UK and from other countries. Our expertise ensures the process is as stress-free and streamlined as possible.

What you should know about adoption:

  • Adoption is the assumption of full legal and parental responsibility for a child; it is supported by an adoption order, granted by a court
  • An adoption order severs all legal ties with the birth family and transfers parental rights to you as the new adoptive family
  • The child becomes a full member of your adoptive family, can take your surname and assumes the same rights and privileges as if they had been born to your family, including the right of inheritance
  • Many children maintain contact with some members of their birth family. This may be indirect contact, such as sending letters or photographs, visits to a brother or sister who live elsewhere or some direct contact with other members of the birth family

In every decision made about whether contact should continue, the child’s safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance. Contact, and your views about it, will be a part of the discussion during the preparation, assessment and matching process

Special Guardianship

Special Guardianship is an alternative if adoption isn’t the most appropriate solution for your family. It is a legal option where the child lives with you as part of your new family, but the birth parents retain parental responsibility. However, their parental responsibility is limited and shouldn’t interfere with the day to day activities of your family.

Special Guardianship can be an ideal solution for children who can’t live with their birth families, but still need a secure and loving home during their childhood and beyond without losing the legal link to their birth family.

You’ll find more information on adoption and support throughout the process on the following websites:

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