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International surrogacy and immigration

International surrogacy and immigration

If you are considering international surrogacy you need to be aware that it can be highly complex and that you need to consider the practical problems associated with immigration, such as your surrogate child arriving at a UK airport.

As the UK Border Agency, in some circumstances, demands special entry clearance for your child if it is conceived by an overseas surrogacy arrangement before they are able to enter the UK, it is crucial that you sort out their legal travel requirements, as well as their travel arrangements. Otherwise your surrogate child may not be allowed into the UK.

Our Surrogacy Law team is highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding the rules to obtaining the special entry clearance you will need depending on the specific facts of your case and the country of your surrogate child’s origin.

Marriage law

The Government has recently backed proposals for change to marriage law and a private members bill has just passed its second reading in the House of Commons.

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The number of unmarried cohabiting couples is on the rise, one way to avoid uncertainty and arguments in the future is to have a cohabitation agreement.

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