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Costs and litigation funding

Costs and litigation funding

We are committed to providing clear and transparent information about the costs involved in all types of family matters.

We will give you regular estimates and costs updates to help you budget for your legal fees from the start until the conclusion of your matter.

How payment works

Normally, we send you a bill each month throughout the course of your matter which helps you to keep an eye on the costs as your case progresses.

Funding options for you

There are several ways of paying for legal costs and we can help you find the best option depending on your circumstances. For example, we might be able to assist you in obtaining a litigation funding loan to help you fund your legal costs until the conclusion of your case. This might be a good option for you if you are unable to afford to pay our legal costs as they are being incurred, but you will be in a position to pay off a litigation loan once your matter has been resolved. Whilst we cannot recommend any particular loan product to you, we can, if it is in your best interests, refer you to a third party authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide any necessary advice.

Also, in certain limited and defined circumstances you may be eligible for public funding depending on your level of income and capital, and if your case involves issues of child protection or domestic abuse. If you think this may apply to your situation you can make use of the eligibility calculator available on the Legal Services Commission website.

Divorce and financial remedy proceedings

If you are involved in divorce or financial remedy proceedings, it may be possible for us to apply to the court on your behalf for an order that your ex partner pays your legal costs for you. Another option is that we may be able to apply for a costs order to recover all or part of your costs once proceedings have been concluded. These are called Legal Service orders.

Our top priority is to offer cost-effective, professional and friendly legal advice no matter what your situation or needs. Our team of family solicitors will work to ensure that we provide you with the best value for money.

Sometimes family work involves Lester Aldridge providing services which would otherwise be regulated activities within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Our firm is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, however we may be able to provide certain limited services in relation to regulated activities provided they are closely linked with or complimentary to the legal services we are providing you.

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