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Abuse and criminal injury claims

We understand only too well the deeply damaging impact that abuse and criminal injuries have on individuals and the people they love. By making a claim against the brutal acts of another person, we hope our clients can start to recover from the pain and strain of their experience.

If you are a victim of violent crime or abuse, a conversation with an experienced solicitor can help you to understand your rights and find the best way to make sure that the person responsible for your injuries is held to account.

Our specialist Personal Injury team treat all of our clients and their families with compassion and care. We are all genuinely concerned with the emotional, physical and financial outcomes of each case and work hard to provide all the support you need.

Victims of abuse

If you have experienced abuse, we can investigate your claim independently, even if it happened some time ago. If you, or a child close to you, was abused in a care home, at school, in church or any other type of organisation, we can gather evidence to support your claim and bring your abuser to account.

Victims of violent crime

If you have experienced violent crime we can look at your case independently from the police. Although the police need to be informed, our investigation will establish other aspects of the crime, such as the costs of your injuries and incidental damages. Violent crimes include: domestic violence, robbery, assault, battery and rape. We can also help you apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Each of our cases is pursued on a no win, no fee basis. We know how difficult it is to discuss these types of injuries, but we sympathise with the trauma you have experienced and we want to help you.

Meet your Personal Injury Law Team

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