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Child accident claims 3c

Child accident claims

Children are curious by nature, this means they are more likely to have accidents. Some accidents are minor – a grazed knee or bump on the head – but others can be very serious and almost two million children each year end up in hospital. Serious injuries are not only very traumatic for the child and their family, but can also have long-term consequences.

If your child has been injured and it’s not their fault, they may be entitled to compensation. Children under 18 need to have a ‘litigation friend’ make a claim on their behalf and this can be a guardian, parent or other responsible adult. However you need to act quickly as you only have three years from the child’s 18th birthday to make a claim for compensation.

Dealing with a child accident claim is very different from that of an adult and needs to be handled with care and sensitivity. Our team of specialists have an in-depth knowledge of this area of law and are experienced in handling a variety of personal injury cases, including:

  • Injuries at school, nursery or playgroup (including due to lack of supervision)
  • Injuries caused by a slip, trip or fall in a public place
  • Injuries caused by a traffic or cycling accident
  • Injuries caused by defective play equipment or a toy

Whether the accident is small or significant we can help you decide if there is a good case to claim compensation for injuries, medical fees, financial losses and ongoing care costs.

At Lester Aldridge, you are entitled to a free initial consultation with a child accidents solicitor. Our team are ready to help you and your child get the compensation you deserve.

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