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Military accident claims

Have you suffered an injury whilst in the armed forces? If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, whilst in the military, then you may be able to claim compensation. Provided the injury was received after May 1987, the Crown Proceedings Act enables people in the armed forces to pursue claims for injuries sustained during service.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD), as with other employers, has a legal duty to protect its people from illness or injury at work. Due to the nature of their work, military staff are particularly at risk of exposure to dangerous environments and situations, which can sometimes be due to insufficient training and a lack of safety equipment.

We understand that sustaining a serious injury can have life changing consequences for your career, your family, your future health and finances. Our specialist team is experienced in making claims for a range of personal injuries, including

  • Injuries sustained during training
  • Injuries caused by faulty equipment
  • Injuries due to medical negligence
  • Psychological trauma
  • Traffic accidents
  • Tinnitus or hearing loss
  • Exposure to harmful substances (such as asbestos)
  • Falls from a height
  • Disease

As well as claiming for your personal injury you may be entitled to further compensation, such as the cost of your treatment and care, special equipment or adapted housing, and the loss of your earnings and pension.

Our team of specialists understand the complexities involved in making a claim against the MoD and can provide you with reliable and professional advice.

For a free initial consultation with a military accidents solicitor, please get in touch. We have worked with many members of the armed forces to make sure that they and their families receive the support they need to move forward.

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