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What is Lester Aldridge’s role?

When the SRA intervenes they use an Intervention Agent, such as ourselves, to help with the process. As an appointed agent to the SRA, we visit the premises of the intervened firm with an SRA representative to collect their files on the day of the intervention.

However, we don’t continue the practice of the intervened firm or take over their clients’ matters.

Also, we don’t take over responsibility for payment of any trading debts of an intervened firm. If you are a creditor, you will need to contact the former principal(s) of the intervened firm directly, or their administrators (as applicable).

For more information about the files collected from the intervened firm, see What happens to my papers?


Whether it results from a mere miscalculation or an acceptance of just one more well-intentioned invitation to unwind with a drink, each year, many upstanding citizens inadvertently fall foul of the UK’s drink driving laws.  


New data protection regulations that will come into force on 17th December this year have largely gone unnoticed. Are you up to date?

Festive family dispute

Family disputes during the Christmas period are not uncommon, given the financial and other pressures which the festive period can sometimes bring.


The Court of Appeal reveals that employers can be liable for data breaches perpetrated by rogue employees, even where the employer is not directly at fault.

Meet the Interventions Team

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