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Why has the intervention occurred 3c

Why has the intervention occurred?

If the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has concerns about a firm of solicitors it will intervene, which effectively closes down the practice. This is done to protect the interests of the clients and the public.

Certain circumstances can cause the SRA to intervene including, if a member of a firm is thought to be behaving dishonestly, if a practice has been abandoned and if the firm is believed to have breached the SRA Code of Conduct or the SRA Accounts Rules.

Although the specific circumstances of the intervention remain confidential, the general statutory grounds of the intervention are usually published by the SRA, which you can view on their website.


Whether it results from a mere miscalculation or an acceptance of just one more well-intentioned invitation to unwind with a drink, each year, many upstanding citizens inadvertently fall foul of the UK’s drink driving laws.  


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The Court of Appeal reveals that employers can be liable for data breaches perpetrated by rogue employees, even where the employer is not directly at fault.

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