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Medallion Signature Guarantee

North American Assets and Administration

US and Canadian Asset Administration

Why do these assets appear in so many non-US and non-Canadian estates?

It is becoming common to find assets that originate from the US or Canada when dealing with the administration of an estate. This is often due to changes in the corporate world, such as mergers or takeovers. For example, a UK investor who bought shares in Cadbury before 2010, might now have interests in Dr Pepper, Kraft, Heinz and Mondelēz International, following a series of company buyouts.

In addition, we often find UK based investors have shares in Tyco/ Johnson Controls, TE Connectivity, Covidien, ADT/vProtection1, Pentair, Mallinckrodt, Medtronic and Adient, which have all originated from an initial investment in Tyco.

Furthermore, many individuals who do not reside in the US or Canada work for companies whose headquarters are based there and will often receive shares as an additional employee benefit, such as IBM or JP Morgan Chase.

How can Lester Aldridge assist with this?

Our International Private Client team are experts in the administration of assets located in the US and Canada and can provide all the advice and guidance you need when dealing with these assets.

We are the first UK based lawyers to be enrolled onto the US STAMP programme, allowing us to provide our clients with Medallion Signature Guarantee stamps. We offer this as a standalone service, but also include the provision of the required medallion signature guarantee stamps as part of our full registration service when we are instructed to assist with the administration of US and Canadian assets.

Where can I find more information?

We have prepared a handy guide to answer some frequently asked questions – please click here to read the FAQ page.

If you believe you may require our assistance with the administration of any North American assets, we would be pleased to discuss your case with you. Please contact us at +44 (0)1202 786194 or 786118 for an initial discussion about your matter, or email us by clicking below:


In an era where you can connect with friends and family with the click of a button and buy items without needing to step inside a shop, it is inevitable that estate planning will evolve to keep up with changes in technology.

Court of Protection

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