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Sale and purchase 3c

Sale and purchase

For help and advice with vessel sales, purchase, registration and contracts, including ownership, co-ownership, management, crew, charter and new build and refits, our team of marine law specialists are available to share their expertise.

Here’s what we can help with:

  • Sale and purchase contracts: advice on contract terms, title, encumbrances and VAT status
  • Coordination of transaction: including holding deposit, vessel documents and completion funds (in escrow if required) and dealing with completion and registration post completion
  • Crew contracts: advice on terms of contracts for employment of skippers and crew
  • New build and refit contracts: advice on contract terms, passing of title, security, stage payments, warranties, delay
  • Registration: of vessels on registries around the globe; arranging tonnage surveys, ensuring title documents are sufficient, coordinating registration process
  • Charter contracts: advice on terms of and obligations and duties imposed by charter agreements and other contracts for the use of a vessel
  • Management Agreements: advice on the terms and conditions of agreements for the management of your vessel
  • Ownership structures: advice in relation to corporate structures, offshore or otherwise, established for the purposes of ownership of the vessel
  • Co-ownership agreements: advice on agreements between joint owners of a vessel

Our extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of marine law will ensure you’re legally protected.

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