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International Estates

Our team supports a wide variety of people, both professionals and private individuals, across a range of global legal planning and administration matters.

We are experts in foreign assets, estates, inheritance and probate law, and can help you to understand and avoid the problems associated with owning assets outside of your usual country of residence.

We can assist with all aspects of planning and administration for international legal matters, including:

  • Obtaining letters of administration and grants of probate for estates belonging to non-UK residents
  • Managing registration of death for bank accounts, stocks, shares and property in the UK and elsewhere in the world
  • Resealing foreign appointments, probates and letters of administration
  • Administering estates with assets based in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, North America and most other major global locations
  • Arranging foreign law affidavits
  • Advising on death duties, residency and succession laws, and cross border legal issues and conflicts
  • Preparing wills and advising on how best to structure them
  • Tracing beneficiaries, valuation requests, shareholding histories, income and capital gains tax, dividends and other distribution payments
  • Attending to the administration of North American securities by providing signature guarantees where needed

Latest News & Blogs

Dr Pepper Snapple

Back in January of this year, it was announced that Keuring Green Mountain and Dr Pepper Snapple Group would merge. Now that the merger is complete, shareholders will have shares in a new company, Keurig Dr Pepper.

dr pepper snappled up

The move merges the likes of 7UP, Snapple and the world’s biggest single-serve coffee brand K-Cup to become one of the biggest beverage giants.

Tyco sends us loco!

Dealing with North American shareholdings can leave non-US based estate practitioners scratching their heads, we offer guidance to make sense of it all.


Last week when Kraft Heinz announced their £155 billion bid for Unilever, the International Private Client team at Lester Aldridge was poised for a frenzy!

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International Estate Administration

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