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In 2015, the Claimant Cassie B., an NHS patient aged 29, underwent a routine cervical cytology test. The test result reported as normal with no malignant cells identified. During 2016 and 2017, Cassie B. suffered from vaginal bleeding. After investigations by her GP and in hospital, in late 2017 she was advised that she had cervical cancer.

As a result, she underwent radical radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She was advised this would affect her fertility so egg collection and freezing took place.

The defendant trust admitted that the 2015 smear test had “borderline abnormalities” and that had the smear test been correctly reported and treated she would not have gone on to develop cervical cancer.

Because of the negligence of the hospital trust Cassie B. not only became infertile and had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy but she was left with permanent bowel and bladder problems along with episodes of severe pelvic and abdominal pain alongside shooting pains into her legs and bottom. Sexual intercourse was also painful. She suffered from fatigue. She had a premature menopause and sustained psychological injury. There was a risk of future health problems to include the risks of further bowel damage and severe urinary problems due to the radiotherapy. There was a risk of cancer recurrence and metastatic spread potentially affecting her life expectancy.

After detailed investigations and medico legal examinations by all appropriate specialists the claim was compromised by negotiated settlement for a lump sum payment of £700,000 with a provisional damages award, entitling Cassie B. to return to Court to seek further damages in the event that the future risks identified materialised.

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