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Employment & HR

Senior Employment Law & HR Advisor Emma Starmer is attending the Business South HR Conference on Wednesday 26 May 2021.

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Workforce South is Business South’s business led Action Group that brings together HR Professionals and Business Leaders to explore relevant and business critical issues facing us today.

In support of working collaboratively towards the economic recovery of the Central South Region Workforce South is hosting a virtual HR conference around a theme of Our People, Our Economy; Leading the Way in Central South.

The focus of the speakers and experts is to provide valuable insights into challenges and the initiatives underway to support and value people.

They will also explore the wider impact to business, culture and economy and how innovation and motivation have been harnessed.

Virtual breakout rooms and audience polls will help to consider two themes:

Theme 1: Social Mobility, Levelling Up, Staff Training and Reskilling

Theme 2: Building Back Better, Return from Furlough, Well-Being, Flexible Working and Equality




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