Oliver Phipps specialises in probate with a particular focus on the administration of estates with assets located in multiple jurisdictions. To complement his specialism, Oliver is a practising notary public, which enhances the understanding of private international law issues between common law and civil law jurisdictions. As well as dealing with international estates, Oliver regularly prepares wills for individuals residing outside of England and advises on UK inheritance tax exposure for individuals domiciled outside of the UK.

Oliver has administered estates with assets located in a wide variety of jurisdictions throughout Europe. Beyond Europe, examples of jurisdictions that Oliver regularly deals with include: South Africa, USA, Canada and Singapore.

Recent examples of work or case studies:

  • Administering an estate where the deceased died domiciled in South Africa, leaving substantial assets in England, Jersey, Guernsey, France and the USA;
  • Preparing a second will for a client based in South Africa who holds assets in England, Jersey and Guernsey;
  • Administering an estate for a Uruguayan family where the deceased died domiciled in Uruguay leaving assets in England.
  • Acting for an executor in Western Australia where, outside of Australia, the deceased left assets in eight different jurisdictions:  England, Jersey, Isle of Man, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia and Bermuda. On behalf of the executor, Oliver successfully administered all of the assets located in the eight jurisdictions outside of Australia.