Charities & Social Enterprise

As a third sector organisation, choosing a legal partner can be tricky. You need someone who can offer sound, practical advice and make sure you comply with all the regulations. But you also need someone who recognises your distinctive requirements as a not-for-profit and understands why you do what you do.

The head of our team is a former senior lawyer with the Charity Commission, so you can be sure we really understand the sector and the way in which it works.

Whether you are looking to set up a new charity or social enterprise or are a long-established organisation needing legal advice, we can help.

So if your charity, social enterprise or club needs a legal hand, give us a call on 0344 967 0793. To find out more visit our Charities & Social Enterprise pages.

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Many charities will wish to protect their reputation and ensure that the people who support the charity do nothing to adversely affect their brand.

brexit charity

Access to the single market may not have direct relevance to charities but that does not mean that they are immune from the effects of Brexit. Hard evidence is lacking – as it was in much of the referendum debate – but some themes are emerging:

insurance act 2015

What are your duties when you take out insurance? When can an insurer refuse to meet a claim because of misinformation? The Insurance Act 2016 which came into force on 16th August made radical changes to the law.