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The breakdown of any relationship can be stressful and emotionally charged. Whilst every situation is different, reducing hostility and conflict is essential. Our approach aims to minimise unnecessary disputes and to ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible.

We are experienced handling the most complex and sensitive of matters and can provide advice on all aspects of the law and the best way of resolving disputes concerning couples, families and their relationships.

We also advise clients on starting a family, which can be incredibly exciting, but also a very stressful time. If you’re an LGBT couple or have fertility issues, taking a more progressive route to creating your family can also involve many legal implications.

Depending on which route you take, our specialist team can advise you on the necessary legalities including surrogacy arrangements – both domestic and international, donor agreements, adoption and co-parenting.

Whatever your circumstances, we’re here to help remove the additional stress and guide you every step of the way.

Please get in touch with our team of experts today on 0344 967 0793 or find out more on our Becoming a Family or Family Breakdown pages.

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Civil partnerships update

A welcome change to family law coming in May 2019 will allow mixed-sex couples the option of entering into a civil partnership, instead of a traditional marriage.

National single parent day

One in four children lives with only one parent in the UK. Some parents are single by design, others as a result of relationship breakdown. Whatever your circumstances, here are some important things to think about on National Single Parent Day.

no-fault divorce

The government has announced its commitment to a reform of divorce law, introducing no-fault divorce which hopes to remove the painful battles that couples often face when divorcing. Read the full story here.