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At Lester Aldridge, we take our CSR seriously and are always looking at ways of decreasing our carbon footprint, recycling and generally improving our environment for clients and staff.

Our exciting new partnership with amamus will allow our Bournemouth solicitors and clients to experience a mouth-watering blend of speciality Brazilian coffee. The coffee that has been sourced from the ‘world’s best producing regions’, hand roasted by independent local talent, and served to perfection for companies to enjoy.

amamus, which means ‘we love’ in Latin, demonstrates the passion and devotion that their team has in supplying speciality and sustainable coffee to compatible companies.

As coffee is an indispensable part of our employee’s and client’s journey here at Lester Aldridge, it is exciting to have the support and partnership from a sustainable and eco-friendly coffee company like amamus. To further demonstrate their love for the environment, amamus deliver our coffee by bicycle and in returnable containers.

Sharon Mitchell, Head of Facilities and Infrastructure at Lester Aldridge said, ‘coffee is an essential part of our client experience and with the support of amamus we have completely removed the use of single-use plastics and carbon emissions associated with local delivery. Freshly grinding our coffee beans unlocks all the flavour just before each meeting. We are always looking to work with businesses that share our values and amamus are proving to be a superb coffee partner for Lester Aldridge.’

Grant Esterhuizen, Partner added, ‘We are proud of the consistently high legal services we provide but the truth is that much of our client business is undertaken in meetings. Serving Specialty coffee is another way we can emphasise our commitment to creating high quality client experiences as well as relentlessly pursuing our sustainability agenda. It’s vitally important to our firm that the way we operate is ethical and environmentally responsible – buying Specialty coffee from farmers who are paid a fair price in exchange for better quality coffee is the only choice for us. Client feedback on our new coffee from amamus has been superb.’