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How can a community care case be funded?

As leading community care solicitors, Lester Aldridge offers a variety of funding options to support your community care case, including:

  • A retainer on a time-spent or hourly rate basis. This means we provide an estimate of the likely cost of dealing with an issue and you pay for the time-spent on the case, charged at the hourly rate of the responsible lawyer(s).
  • A retainer on a time-spent or hourly rate basis with deferred payment terms. In the case of a client who has a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, an agreement to recover the costs incurred on a time-spent basis through the compensation claim may be available.
  • A retainer on a fixed fee basis. This means our community care solicitors agree a fixed fee at the outset to address your instructions.
  • CrowdJustice. In appropriate cases, we may recommend exploring the possibility of using CrowdJustice, an online platform for crowdfunding legal fees to assist with the costs of legal advice.
  • Legal expenses insurance. Often this is included in home insurance policies and it may be used to pay for legal costs.
  • We are unable to support Legal Aid requests at this time.

Our community care solicitors will provide clear advice on the potential funding options available as part of the initial, free no obligation consultation.

Why should I choose Lester Aldridge for my community care case?

  • Proven track record of successful outcomes for community care clients.
  • Highly responsive, accessible and personalised client service.
  • We offer a range of funding options that are tailored towards the circumstances of the case.
  • Our holistic approach to identifying all of a client’s needs means that we deliver advice and assistance which is tailored towards maximising the use of statutory entitlements to ensure needs are met.
  • Access to a carefully selected pool of expert barristers, independent social workers, capacity assessors, and clinicians to help support resolving community care issues.
  • Supported by our specialist community care solicitors and injury lawyers who can take forward investigating a personal injury or medical negligence claim when a disability, illness or injury arises from an accident or negligent failure.

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I would highly recommend LA's services with respect to health care. The service I have received has been excellent with regards to this matter. I have been very impressed with the diligence of the work undertaken and the quality of the submissions raised. A highly diligent, thorough, and consistent quality of service. Insightful and comprehensive analysis of extensive medical and care records and reports.Close quote
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In terms of strengths, I would personally like to point out that they offer a wealth of experience and we as a family are very much appreciative of the relentless support that they have provided to us so far. The team at Lester Aldridge are a breath of fresh air, they really do care about your wellbeing by offering a tailored service and also they will go over and beyond to ensure that the agreed outcome is desirable for all parties. They also always ensure that financially it is affordable and manageable for us as a family and are very keen to weigh up in an honest manner, cost-effectiveness versus direct result which is very important to all individuals.
We need more people like their team representing niche or complex injustices within the above sectors who are able to commit to the long term journey and be present every step of the way offering solid advice.Close quote
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The technical quality of the legal advice and the work was ‘excellent. The service we received was second to none. There was nothing that was too difficult and nothing was a problem. Our opinion was valued and most importantly, we were listened to.
[The team was] friendly, kind and very experienced. It was like having an extremely knowledgeable friend who was willing to fight for the smaller guy, aka Mason.
Through this law firm, we are able to secure a brighter, more promising future for our son. We are able to place early intervention strategies, to benefit him forever.Close quote
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We do appreciate your help with the paperwork and giving us the confidence that we could sign the contract knowing that we had done our best for our daughter.Close quote

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