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Our specialist solicitors can help resolve all types of trust disputes, whether you’re a beneficiary or trustee.

Family trust disputes, such as siblings contesting a trust, can be emotionally draining. Bringing or defending claims against trustees or beneficiaries when family relationships are involved is especially demanding and can become fraught very quickly. We have extensive experience in dealing with disputes and can help you navigate this complex area of law.

What is a trust dispute?

A trust dispute is any dispute relating to the administration of a trust.

Disagreements can often arise between trustees, or between trustees and beneficiaries.  These may relate to costs, the value of trust assets or decisions about how the trust fund is to be used.

What types of disputes do we deal with?

  • Disputes between trustees
  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Concerns about the conduct of a trustee or trustees
  • Issues regarding the administration of a trust
  • Queries in relation to trust assets
  • Claims on behalf of and against trusts
  • Claims against trustees
  • Disputes involving the interpretation of trust documents
  • Family trust disputes, e.g. siblings contesting a trust

Who do our solicitors help?

We advise beneficiaries and trustees in trust disputes.

Negligent trustees can negatively affect a trust and its assets. If you are concerned about the administration or management of a trust or the conduct of a beneficiary or trustee, our contentious trust solicitors can help you to resolve matters, allowing the trust to be administered effectively. They are supported by our Tax, Trusts, Wills & Probate Team, who are experts in trust planning and administration.

We can provide clear advice about your options and what action can be taken.  Contact us using the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are entitled to seek certain information that relates to your position from the trustees. If you do not receive this or remain dissatisfied, you can apply for court assistance. Our solicitors can help you with this process.

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