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Making a will is essential if you want to ensure your loved ones are provided for and your wishes are followed after your death, but every family is different and deciding on what to do can be a stressful and difficult process for many people.

We have an excellent team of will solicitors and probate experts here at Lester Aldridge to help guide and advise you every step of the way, explaining all of the practical and financial implications, to make sure your will accurately reflects and protects your interests.

Wills often form a critical part of inheritance tax (IHT) and estate planning structures for you and your family. Wills can be drafted to achieve maximum tax efficiency and flexibility with protection and controls built-in.

Other people whose affairs are more simple and straightforward require only simple wills and we draft these too without all the legalese and jargon.

No matter what your personal circumstances, our team of wills and probate solicitors are on hand to advise and guide you to the best solution.

How our solicitors can help with writing a will

Our friendly team will help you get the maximum benefit from your will. Whether you want to keep your assets safe, make tax savings, or donate to charity; we can help draw up a new will or review an existing will to make sure it meets your needs and provides peace of mind.

We consider in detail your objectives and family relationships to draft a will that achieves maximum IHT flexibility with making provision for those you wish to benefit.

We can advise on making a will for those on second or later marriages, those with stepchildren, cohabiting partners or those estranged from their children.

We provide solutions for our clients and their families that span the generations.

How do I make a will?

The first step is a meeting with you to discuss your ideas. Using our knowledge and experience, we advise and direct you to a few simple options. Once objectives are agreed, we draft the will and liaise with you to refine it until it accords with your wishes. We provide detailed advice before finalising the documents.

Once your will is signed and finalised, we store it for you free of charge.

How long does it take to make a will?

Depending on the scope and depth of your objectives and your personal circumstances, the meeting, advise, drafting and execution phases can be completed in a few weeks. We can give you time estimates at the time of clarifying your instructions.

Who do we help with drafting a will?

  • We help all those who require advice in relation to wills and how they wish to leave their estate.
  • We help those whose affairs are simple and straightforward where no inheritance will be payable.
  • We help those looking to donate to charity or create trusts for the disabled.
  • We also help those with significant wealth and business interests that require advice on IHT and protection planning.

Why choose Lester Aldridge for making a will?

Few firms our size or smaller have such a dedicated team of experts in will drafting and planning that can also draw upon the knowledge and expertise of trust and tax experts and those who specialise in the care of the elderly.

If you wish, we can happily store your will for you in our secure archives facility, giving you security and peace of mind.

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Lester Aldridge LLP deals with a portfolio of trusts for vulnerable individuals (including those with brain injuries, learning disabilities and dementia) and their families via its relationships with a number of large charities. The international private client team focuses on the administration of UK and foreign assets, particularly North American securities, as well as advising clients located in South Africa. The team also advises on cross-border succession issues and international wills, and has members fluent in French, German, Afrikaans and Welsh. Kurt Lee heads up the practice.Close quote
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Lester Aldridge's private client lawyers handle contentious and non-contentious matters. They advise clients on tax planning and international estates, wills and trusts. Members of the team also tackle will, trust and probate disputes.
"I have found everyone I have dealt with to be pleasant and professional. Their communications are clear and they respond quickly," says an interviewee.Close quote
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